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Beswerda is a Dutch and Rotterdam based artist who is ready to take you on a musical and
emotional journey with the combination of minimal and melodic techno.Within his music
you’ll experience the emotion that was felt when the music is created. With surprising drops
and organic drums his music is varying every time you will hear him play. He really has a
unique take on what melodic techno should be like. The combination of minimal, Indie
Dance and melodic techno is something new for the clubs.

In 2015 he recorded and released his first single ‘Growing’ on the label Tronic by Christian
Smith. After his first release he did several other releases on labels such as Infinite Depth
and WEITER. After several releases, Beswerda took some time to determine his sound
better and develop something that really matches how he wanted to be. A short sabbatical
to figure everything out and focus on some new material. He came back with Turmoil.

In 2021 he released the track called ‘Turmoil’ on the label Afterlife. This track was played by
his good friend Colyn every set when he was touring in the summer of 2021, so Tale of Us
decided to add this track to their Realm of Consciousness pt. V compilation. It really made a
mark for his career.

Beswerda is now playing at legendary clubs and festivals all over the world. After this
milestone Beswerda did another release on the Afterlife label, on the label Just This, and is
scheduling a few more releases for the year 2023. Including on Mind Against their new imprint

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