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Losless is a French musician, producer & DJ based in Lisbon. Introduced to computers at a young age, they have been a constant presence in his life ever since. Despite his early fascination with technology, Losless initially pursued music in an organic form, as an instrumentalist himself. However, he realised that computers offered him the ability to create sounds and textures that were impossible to achieve through traditional instruments.

The driving force behind Losless’ artistic approach is based on the imperfections in the world around him. He seeks to incorporate these elements into his music, even when working with machines capable of achieving “perfection”. This paradoxical take is reflected in the intentionally misspelt name ‘Losless’.

This word became an artist name, but most importantly, a foundation statement from which Losless would explore creation of music with machines.

By not limiting himself to a single genre, Losless constantly explores new sounds and pushes the boundaries of electronic music. This willingness to take risks and draw from his own sonic memory is what sets Losless apart and makes him difficult to classify.

He’s released on selective imprints such as Siamese, Upperground, Habitat & more. Embraced by top DJs of the electronic scene, Losless’ tracks are always highly anticipated.

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