Thimo Konings

Thimo konings


Arnhem, Netherlands






Thimo Konings is one of Arnhem’s biggest upcoming talents within the techno scene. With his feel for analog hardware, sharp taste in music and defining sound design knowledge he quickly caught the eye of techno godfather Secret Cinema. Thimo recently released his first tracks on internationally acclaimed techno labels ARTS, Gem & Vision Ekstase and has a vast array of releases scheduled for the coming years.

He started his musical journey as Gate 44 in 2012 with his twin brother. On this journey they explored the deep boundaries of electronic music, shaping a broad personal taste within the genre. In 2018 they founded techno event Overstuur which grew to be a big name in the underground clubbing scene in Arnhem and beyond. This resulted in Thimo learning the art of DJ’ing and making his way through various clubs, always taking the audience on a journey through the various aspects of hard techno music. 

Spending most of his time in his studio, he gained broad knowledge on producing, sound design, analog synthesizers, modular and more and continues to explore the possibilities and depth of everything techno music. After learning the art of producing techno music and the corresponding scene, he has now started his solo career as producer and DJ Thimo Konings, which is off to a promising start with global support for the biggest of the scene. Thimo is known for his ever-evolving, unique sound with consistent elements of raw, deep techno music and his big head of curls.

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