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Tonco is a Dutch and Amsterdam based artist with carefully combined forms of compelling and emotional
electronic music. His sound can be recognized by the layered form of rhythmic and melodic elements. With
influences from other genres under his belt, this still young producer is working hard behind the scenes.
After receiving massive track support on his music in 2022 doors are slowly starting to open. With gigs in
clubs such as The Loft (Amsterdam) and Hunkering (Amsterdam) it’s a logical step to hit major floors in the
near future. Also after having his first international gigs, Tonco is ready to take the next step.
Supported by leading names in the music industry his music already got people dancing all over the world.
With highlights such as Afterlife Sao Paulo, Sound Nightclub LA and Printworks London.
In 2022 artists such as Colyn, Beswerda, Eelke Kleijn and Rose Ringed supported his music. Now in 2023
names like Konstantin Sibold, The Element, Nico Morano and Brina Knauss showed their love for it as well.
And with his recent EP release Calabash on the 17th of March on Be Free Recordings, the train is moving
Because of this recent release the Dutch radio station SLAM! got his eyes on Tonco. Radio maker and Dj
Jochem Hamerling already played his recent release “Eros” on national radio. And recently included his
highly requested track “Beograd” in their 450th “ID Episodes” with all the new unreleased tracks of the
Now his first release is on the table, he is more motivated than ever to make even more music. With the
recent news that he joined Harbour Agency for all bookings, it’s fair to say that this is only the beginning.

Tonco Beograd

Tonco releasing his BEOGRAD EP ON ARMADA

Tonco, the emerging melodic house and techno talent based in Amsterdam, is poised to captivate listeners with his latest EP on the prestigious Armada label. With a fervent ambition for musical excellence, Tonco's distinctive sound reflects his dedication and passion.

The EP is a sonic voyage inspired by Tonco's travels, with a central melody that etched itself into his creative psyche. The result is a collection of tracks characterized by their evocative melodies and rich, melodic textures.

A pivotal moment in the EP's ascent was when acclaimed artist Colyn showcased Tonco's lead track, "Beograd," during an electrifying set at DGTL festival. This performance caught the ear of Armada's discerning A&R team, culminating in the EP's signing.

Tonco's sound is a unique fusion of infectious grooves and euphoric melodies, setting him apart in the competitive electronic music landscape. This distinctive sonic signature showcases Tonco's commitment to crafting an unforgettable auditory experience.

Despite featuring only two tracks, the EP packs a punch. "Beograd," the lead track, radiates joy and groove, making it an anthem for any euphoric dancefloor. The second track, "Andimar," adds its own special charm to the EP.

As Tonco prepares for a series of shows in the Netherlands, it's evident that this EP release is just the beginning of an exciting journey for the artist. His ambition to expand his musical repertoire underscores his dedication to the craft and his vision for the future.

In conclusion, Tonco's EP release on Armada showcases his unwavering ambition and commitment to crafting a unique sonic identity. With its infectious melodies and irresistible grooves, this release is set to leave a lasting mark on discerning electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.

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