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a DJ, artist, and producer was born in Bari (Puglia, Italy), but is now based in Amsterdam. He starts his career in 2006 in his own country as a resident Dj at Clorophilla and Cromie (Puglia, Italy) where he played with artists like Tale of Us and Dixon and from there he started playing across Europe. Some of the most important gigs he had were at City Hall Sonar Off Barcelona in 2015, Mansion (Malta) in 2015 with John Digweed, D-Edge Records Showcase Amsterdam Dance Event, and Magnetik Festival (Slovenia) in 2018 with Denis Horvat. He is supported in his music by artists like Mind Against, Adriatique, Agents of Time, Fideles, and many more who played his music worldwide. His music aims to meld melodic elements into electro and techno beats. The result of this work is a melting pot between various influences and styles, providing the audience with a mesmerizing and neverpredictable sound. He released on several record labels such as Odd:ity, Natura Viva, Running Clouds, Be Free Recordings, and Black Rose.

Paradigma Siamese vomee

Vomee’s Triumphant Comeback EP on Siamese: paradigma EP

After a hiatus enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vomee makes a triumphant return with an EP on Siamese, the label curated by Adriatique. Featuring tracks "Paradigma" and "Iperbole," this release is a testament to Vomee's dedication to pushing boundaries and championing innovative talent.

Vomee's EP is a sonic odyssey, blending hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies to transport listeners to uncharted sonic dimensions. Meticulously crafted sound design, from pulsating basslines to celestial synths, creates an immersive experience, inviting listeners to dive headfirst into Vomee's meticulously constructed sonic universe.

Each track is an emotional narrative, navigating through introspective intros and euphoric crescendos. This emotional resonance showcases Vomee's profound ability to connect with listeners, transcending the confines of the dancefloor.

Under Adriatique's guidance, Siamese has become a beacon for artists challenging conventions in electronic music. Vomee's EP is a perfect embodiment of this ethos, exploring uncharted territories of sound. This release is not just an EP; it's a testament to the boundless possibilities of electronic music, a testament to Vomee's growth and evolution in the face of adversity.

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