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Live, dawless


During the pandemic, Analog Kitchen is inspiring all hardware geeks on his own YouTube Channel. Teaching and showing the audience how you really play analog. 


No Laptop used!

We have grown accustomed to the predictability of DJ’s and DJ sets. Often then,it’s refreshing to go back to basics. Analog Kitchen is doing exactly that. His livesetup is based around live boxes like drumcomputers, sequencers and samplers.If you are in the know, then this rudimentary approach leaves little to theimagination.

Analog Kitchen is exactly what the name entails… Tweaking knobs and fiddlingfrequencies, cooking it all together so that a diferent tention builds. Carefullyselecting his drums and sequences, whilst adding sounds efects, will set amusical palette where anyone can sample their taste.

We’re in a time where the need for authenticity seems move the early adopter andit’s fresh to cross pollinate the then with the now. Analog Kitchen’s gear setup isalways evolving depending on the length of his performance, but the basics willbe an MPC, a Moog Minitaur bass line droid, an Electron Octatrack that providessequences and sounds and various guitar pedals adding efects.

Think Robert Hood, Octave One, Kink, Depeche Mode and The Normal all throwntogether in a big pot, heated and stirred and you’ll understand where this isheaded. Come, sit down and taste some Musical Soul Food at The Analog Kitchen.Bring your appetite because dinner is served!

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