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House, Techhouse


An italian duo who got major support from artists like Marco Carola, Enzo Siragusa and more. Listen to their music. 

Between fairytale atmospheres, full-bodied basslines, and rolling grooves, the Italian pairs of Jamahr established themselves as one of the most exciting duos in the European panorama. Hailing from Biella – a small city near Turini – longtime friends Mario and Jacopo joined forces back in 2008, and since then, they have constantly put a lot of passion and dedication to craft their unique rousing sound, working under the alias which is the result of just the union of their names, Jamahr.

During those years, they have built a solid reputation in the underground scene with vinyl releases on acclaimed labels such as Tamango Records, Mulen, What NxT, Politics od Dancing and EWax to name a few, with their music played by giants from the likes of Enzo Siragusa, Marco Carola, Cesar Merveille and Yaya among others. In 2020 they decided to found their own vinyl-only Captea label, an outer space microcosm to let the wings of fantasy flow freely without any genre boundaries.

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