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Beswerda – Turmoil on ROC V by Afterlife

Beswerda on afterlife turmoil

24 juli 2021

We are happy to tell you that Beswerda released his track Turmoil on Afterlife. The label of Tale Of Us. It was one of the biggest goals for Beswerda to achieve. His track Turmoil was supported by Colyn, Innellea, Kevin de Vries and other artists. Because of this release, we expect to hear more from Beswerda.

It has been a while since Afterlife released their biggest compilation Realm Of Consciousness. Due to Covid-19 they postponed their releases. We are grateful to see that they added one track of Beswerda, Turmoil.

The VA has 17 tracks and includes tracks by Colyn, Joseph Capriati, Innellea, Adriatique, Patrice Baumel en more amazing artists. It is a honour to see Turmoil between these amazing artists.


1) Colyn & Innellea – Obnoxious Desire
2) Recondite – Scope
3) Adriatique – Trance Lesson
4) Patrice Bäumel – Beacon
5) Joseph Capriati – Sogno Profondo
6) Stephan Jolk – Morgen
7) Fideles – Interface Technology
8) Hunter/Game & Primal – Tears Apart
9) Marino Canal – Windspeak
10) Ae:ther – Mechanisms
11) DYZEN – Rain Dance
12) Agents Of Time – Nightfall
13) Glowal – Blunder
14) Tone Depth – Anthizo
15) Fedele – Back2Trance
16) Beswerda – Turmoil
17) Gardens Of God – BOILeR

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