Reich is a rising star in the scene with a passion for hypnotic and bleepy rhythms. He believes that music should be a visceral experience that moves people on a deep level. His goal is always to create an intimate and energetic atmosphere on the dancefloor by finding a good balance between old and new … Read more

Locus error

Dutch DJ Locus Error is a fast-growing name in the Dutch techno community. Her recent and upcoming highlights include: Sisyphos (Berlin), Awakenings, Loveland, Intercell, Drift, Thuishaven, Rotterdam Rave, Soenda, Nachtcollege, BASIS and her residency for Planet Rose. Her fascination with techno music arose as a raver herself. Dancing she felt how techno can be something … Read more

Thimo konings

Thimo Konings

Thimo Konings is one of Arnhem’s biggest upcoming talents within the techno scene. With his feel for analog hardware, sharp taste in music and defining sound design knowledge he quickly caught the eye of techno godfather Secret Cinema. Thimo recently released his first tracks on internationally acclaimed techno labels ARTS, Gem & Vision Ekstase and … Read more