Based: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Genre: Techno
Territory: World

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Giving you a dark musical experience as if you we’re encountered by a Viking character by appeal and through is darkish techno sound, JSPR is a Rotterdam based artist who is taking you on his techno journey.
His gift of producing a dark groovy techno beat with energetic synths and intense rides will hypnotize you and will you dance during the peak times in the club. When his music is created he wants to translate his current emotional state within his sound.

JSPR, who is real name is Jasper de Vries, started producing techno music in his teenage years. Inspired by all the amazing clubs in Rotterdam back then, he devoted his time to produce techno music and become a DJ.

His debut solo record called “A Duck, Boys and Girls” was released on the legendary Traum Schallplatten. After this the releases really started going. After a few releases on upcoming labels, he had his breakthrough release on Richie Hawtin his label MINUS. The last couple of years JSPR started to shift is sound more according the sound of Pan-Pot’s Second State. So, it was a big honor to do several releases and a big EP on their label. ‘Mainframe boogie’ became a big success.

Al his releases were supported and consumed by globally in-demand DJ’s, banging through many speakers on electronic music’s leading clubs and festivals. You definitely heard some of his tracks while visiting such an event.

JSPR’s discography has grown with outstanding releases on several labels, You’ll definitely hear more music and amazing releases in 2022.