Robin Kampschoer

Robin Kampschoer

Based: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genre: Techno
Territory: World

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Having started in the field of electronic music in the early 90’s, Robin Kampschoer is renowned for combining machines from yesteryear with the digital tools from today. When performing on stage in clubs and on festivals, his live and hybrid sets get under the skin, with a gritty vibe, both indoctrinating and thrilling. Clearly establishing a unique sonic identity, while continuously refusing to compromise to temporary trends, Kampschoer always remains true to himself, a feature sought after by many, but achieved by few.

His proven craftsmanship lead to true pièces de résistance, both in his sets as in his music, which are often demure, yet fierce floor bangers. Serious music, accompanied by a subtle smile.

So far Robin has released music on STOOR, Dynamic Reflection, LET Recordings, Redevice, Bangbang, Studio Soulrock, and others. Apart from playing techno music in clubs and on festivals worldwide, Robin also plays dub/ambient/soundscape livesets and does other projects in (mainly) electronic music. Among these are ambient/dubtechno surround sound live sets on the notorious Fusion Festival in Germany, an AV ambient live set in the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, and other AV projects and installations like the “Self Pollinating Light Organ”, an interactive AV installation for Amsterdam Dance Event conceived by Manuel Rodrigues aka

Robin has also collaborated with SpeedyJ, and with the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.